My Neighbors Killed My Airbnb Unit


Yes, it happens.

Neighbors can literally ruin your Airbnb business.  Here are some ways to prevent that from happening.

If you can avoid annoying your neighbors on the following items, you will definitely reduce your chances of losing your Airbnb listing.


Nothing turns otherwise docile neighbors into pitch fork wielding mobs out to shut down your Airbnb listing than if your listing begins attracting loud and obnoxious guests.

It may be alright if you’re in a typically loud and busy urban neighborhood, but especially if you’re in the quite suburbs, loud guests will spell trouble for you right away.

Aside from a complaining neighbor disturbing your guests, these neighbors may go so far as to reach out to your landlord, petition other neighbors, and otherwise create hell.

So choose carefully which guests you target and who you ultimately decide to rent to.

Pro Tip: Be sure to set some house rules with guests to minimize any disturbance of neighbors.

Pro Tip: Prevent and stop noise complaints before they happen by utilizing NoiseAware.


For areas where parking is always in limited supply, if your guests are constantly taking up parking spaces your neighbors usually enjoyed, you can expect get some backlash.

Be sure to set boundaries with guests about where they can park, how many cars they can keep on premises, etc…

Don’t have parking?  Consider adding it as an amenity.  It could get you 20% more bookings.  Learn more here.

Shared Spaces

If you are renting out a unit inside an apartment complex with shared common areas or amenities, make sure you are very clear with your guests about the local rules for those amenities.

Airbnb guests accessing the pool or the gym during after hours could lead to neighbor complaints.

Be Open and Transparent

While it may not be possible in all areas, having open and transparent communications with your neighbors about your Airbnb listings can establish trust early on and help you avoid future headaches.

Listen to your neighbors’ concerns and have remedies prepared to address them.

Pro Tip: Want to stop small problems from becoming BIG problems?  Leave your cell phone with your neighbors so they can reach you first if they have a complaint about your guest or if there is an emergency.

Not All Cities Are Created Equal

How would you feel if your city gave a monetary incentive to your neighbors for whistle blowing on your Airbnb activities?

This was an actual anti-Airbnb ballot measure that was proposed (and withdrawn) in San Francisco in 2014.

Some cities just have way more Airbnb haters than others–notably San Francisco and New York City.

Know what city you’re in and always do some research before diving into your first short term rental.

While some cities are friendlier to Airbnb than others, everything really comes down to your specific neighborhood and how much goodwill you have established with your neighbors.


Have you had an incident with a neighbor over your Airbnb listing?

What are other ways to make nice with your neighbors as an Airbnb host?

Share below!

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