Your Airbnb Photos Suck…

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Your Airbnb photos are not good…and this is keeping your unit from consistently being booked.

If there is only one thing common among the successful Airbnb listing, it’s that they all have great photos.

Here are some simple rules to make sure your Airbnb photos are great too:

Clean & Neat

Nobody will book a cluttered and messy unit.

Make sure everything in the unit is spotless and clean for the photo shoot.  Potential guests may have varying tastes for style and design, but they all universally want clean.  Take 10 minutes to declutter right before you shoot.

Make sure that’s the case for all your Airbnb photos.


Brightness can affect the entire mood of the photo.

Yellowish, tinted lighting could create a unwelcoming atmosphere in your Airbnb photos.

Let natural light in when possible and turn on all the lights. Replace yellowish soft lights with bright white lights so the true character of the rooms and decor came shine brightly through.


Great Airbnb photos tend to have an “airy” feel to it and are often shot with a wide-angled lens from the corners of a room.  This helps to capture the full space of the rooms for the guests.

Use the right angles, lighting, and arrangement to make your space appear as open and spacious as possible.

Resolution & Aspect Ratio

Having great photos taken but not uploading in the correct aspect ratio or not having a high enough resolution is just like taking bad photos.

Blurry, low quality photos taken with a mobile phone suggests a host would could care less about their listing or photos.

This leads guests to think the host could also care less about their guests.

Don’t let silly details ruin otherwise great photos.

Highlights Personal Style

Great Airbnb photos also make sure to high signature elements of the unit.

If you have a unique furniture piece or some rare and appealing amenity, utilize a photo to highlight that.

Have a few photos that are close up, macro style shots of something that represents your style.

As long as what is unique is in good taste, show it with photos.

Paints Complete Picture

You can upload quite a few photos to your Airbnb listing.

Make sure to take advantage of that by including photos of the interior, exterior, and surrounding neighborhood.

Show the guests what it would look AND feel like in the unit, on the balcony, or out on the streets nearby.

If the evening scene is relevant, make sure to include shots at night as well.

Pro Video Tip

Check out this excerpt from our chat with Airbnb Expert Evan Kimbrell about upgrading your photos…


Any other tips you think are worth sharing?

Share them in the comments below.

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