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Welcome to LearnAirbnb!


Airbnb host advocate & educator, Symon helps 1000's Airbnb hosts from around the world get the MOST out of their hosting experience. 

Besides contributing to LearnAirbnb, he is a licensed real estate professional with over $400M in deal experience and business consultant. 

He also teaches best selling real estate and business courses on Udemy with over 35K students.  

Symon holds a bachelor degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics from UC Irvine, and an MBA from Stanford University.

Symon He

Over the past two years we have helped over 200,000 Airbnb hosts start, grow, and optimize their home sharing business.  

Airbnb Hosting Pro Tip

You might have spectacular pictures and every valuable amenity a guest could ever want, but you're still not getting a lot of bookings.  WHY NOT?

If you do not make your listing description EASY to CONSUME, then guests cannot fully understand how awesome your space is.  

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